principles & Goals


The Value of Human Life

The basis for this project is that every human life is valuable and that we need to provide both a general and specific means to protect and save lives. This value reflects the heart of project, its leaders and participants at every level. It will influence the standards, operational practices and decisions, recruiting of personnel and every aspect of the business itself.

The Value of Biological and Natural Solutions

We believe that human civilization should contribute to the health of our planet and not pose an ecological threat to the environment and its inhabitants. The goal of a bio-pharmaceutical project is to develop solutions for human health that are both efficient and are natural rather than chemical. Thus such remedies will not pose the myriad of side-effects that are normally associated with chemical based drugs.

The Value of Ethical and Efficient Business Operations

There is more to a healthy business than a profitable bottom line. We believe (that in the process of making profits) that companies and those who lead them, must act ethically and responsibly within their communities. They must build trust based on their behavior which earns that trust. The companies must be efficient with their use of resources and personnel to maintain that profitability, but not at the cost of sacrificing ethical principles in the process.

The Value of Developing Local Leadership and Personnel

We believe in the creativity, intelligence and ability of the people with whom we work and recognize that training and education must be a part of every project that we endeavor. It is our intention to include these elements and to promote the involvement of local leadership within our projects. We believe that the interaction between our employees and the local people, in the communities where we establish our projects, is of vital importance for the long-term sustainability of our projects, businesses and relationships. It will also promote increased shared values and cooperation

The Value of Sustainability and Profitability

We believe that true partnerships benefit all partners and will endeavor to strengthen our partners in our participation in all of our business projects. We will protect each other and promote each other’s benefits, both inside and outside these specific projects.


The delivery of high quality primary healthcare services; establishment of centers of expertise to provide comprehensive tertiary and quaternary healthcare service programs; integrating the delivery of tertiary healthcare services; providing excellent primary and secondary care throughout National Guard Health Affairs; making clinical, applied and basic research a priority throughout National Guard Health Affairs; providing an excellent learning environment of medical, technical, and administrative training to Saudi nationals enrolled in affiliated healthcare programs; promoting adoption of healthy lifestyles and disease prevention; developing a world class Home Healthcare Program; improving expertise in combat medicine and developing a system of support for rapid deployment.