Mission & Vision


SOBOL’s MISSION is to consolidate the Saudi Biotechnological sector as a forerunner of a sustainable economical and social development by invigorating a cluster which boosts the connections between the different actors of the innovation system:

  • to accelerate the biotechnology economic development.
  • to strengthen the knowledge generation stages and its industry transfer.
  • to increase the international presence of Saudi biotech companies.
  • to link together enterprises, research teams, hospitals.

And Positioning the Biotechnology as a catalyzer of social welfare and the development of Saudi Arabian economy, reinforcing the local strengths and directing them over a global competitive base:

  • by joining together any necessary actions in order to meet the interaction objectives of the scientific, industrial, technological bodies.
  • by fostering competitive development project and by providing advanced services which will increase the Saudi Biotech companies competitiveness so that they favour the creation of qualified jobs.


Focusing on abridging all the scientific and entrepreneurial power from Biomedicine, environmental science and renewable energy. For this, we will use Biotechnology in order to improve the Saudi socioeconomic development by:

  • a reference in life sciences research.
  • a competitive biotech industrial framework.
  • a reliable location to foster innovative projects.
  • an environment of trust to set up the best companies and talent.